Future City Competition
People’s Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2020-2021 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on May 5th.

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Newmoon City


Please vote for us because as 6th graders we have created a beautiful New Moon City, where science is always evolving. Our dome paradise offers 77-degree sunny days, VR-greenhouse parks, and Moonbike trails in a safe, sustainable environment monitored 24/7 by...



Great Plains

Vote for Novaturia, the greenest, cleanest city in the Milky Way! This urban utopia allows our residents to flourish while science, innovation, and nature exist in harmony. Our citizens, with a variety of backgrounds, utilize advanced technology such as Precautionary...




NOVIS is the personification of "The Little Engine That Could." Made up of a team from a small school in Wood Dale, IL, we faced many challenges due to the pandemic. From not having adequate space and time constraints to losing parts and pieces every time the model...




Team Orion should win the People’s Choice award for Future City because of the effort our small team put into putting the project together, as well as our dedication to learning. While completing our project we came across several problems with our essay, time...



New York (Western)

Polaris should win the People's Choice Award because above everything else, a city is only a good city if the citizens are healthy and happy. Polaris is a place where people of all backgrounds, sexualities, genders, and cultures can all come together and be citizens...


Selene (AZ)


Our city is known for tourism because of the biospheres on the bottom layer. Each biosphere has something different ranging from beaches to snowy mountains and biospheres with less gravity to ensure the full lunar experience! We have a science lab at the top along...


Selene (FL)

Florida (Tampa Bay)

Selene has worked very hard to get to nationals. We really appreciate the opportunity to be here and hope to win to support our school and team. We are thankful for all the support and hope we can go far in this competition. We are passionate about our work, but we...


Selene (ID)


Selene is man's most novel city. Located in a lunar lava tube, Selene is filled with futuristic technology including the Janicki Omniprocessor, which filters waste to water; fusion power. The Gravity Producing Electromagnets use lunar resources like ice and helium-3....



Texas (Houston)

VOTE FOR SIDRA-XIV FOR “BEST CITY ON THE MOON!” Just like the best cities on Earth, SIDRA-XIV provides an unequaled quality of life! This spinning city creates gravity, water, atmosphere, and power using the moon’s two natural resources; sunlight, and lunar soil....


Skyward City


Skyward City has many things to offer, like our transportation systems with hyperloop trains and a space port for space ships. A fusion collider for electricity and a source of water. There are Artemis bands which monitor peoples health and alerts them of danger....


Spartemis City

New York (Albany)

Spartemis City, in the Amundsen crater at the lunar south pole, is a mecca for interstellar travelers. While refueling, tour the 4 interconnected domes on ELLA bikes (ELectric Lithium Air) or within inverse gondolas. Embrace the celestial conditions through Spaceball...


The Moon Palace

China (Chengdu)

1.The Moon Palace is a team with super unity and close cooperation. 2.The team members have fantastic imaginations and are creative. 3.The team won the champion in China during the last season.