Future City Competition
People's Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2021-2022 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on April 26th.

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Sans-déchets‌ ‌Île‌


Vote Team Sans-déchets Île! With palm tree-lined beaches, bamboo bungalows, beautiful mountains, marine-rich lagoons, and a major barrier reef, Sans-déchets Île is the waste-free city of the future.




VOTE SHARK BEST CIRCULAR CITY! SHARK (Sustainable, Health, Adaptation, Renewable, Kaizen) is a unique geological landscape with technologies that produce a waste-free city. Our unmatched emergency services and healthcare also allow our city to have one of, if not the...



New York (City)

SimpliCity shows a bright vibrant seaside city where the residents have taken a lesson from nature. We don't let anything go to waste all energy and material is captured and changed into something useful.


Terra Limpa

North Carolina

Terra Limpa is a waste-free, sustainable, nature centered city. Our innovative solutions like agro-voltaic islands, themed complete neighborhoods with “ecoscrapers” surrounding food producing biospheres, machine learning auto-sort system, biobricks and MOW boats...


Terre Ami

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)

What sets Terre Ami apart from other circular economy cities? Well that's simple-- our innovative design, Earth-conscious citizens, and city landscape. Terre Ami has implemented a circular economy by reducing waste, enforcing transportation changes, and reinventing...


The City of Atlantis

China (Zhejiang Province)

The city of Atlantis creates a comfortable and waste-free city to meet the diverse needs of different people. We have VR museums, 6D cinemas and other facilities. Moreover, as an island based city, we encourage sports like surfing, kayaking etc. Finally, we firmly...


The Paradise City

China (Sichuan Province)

Our team is a united and creative team, So our city can provide residents with all waste-free public facilities. Hopefully, our future may embrace a greener globe.


Thunder Bay


The 21 students that make up this team worked tirelessly from September to January to create this reimagining of the existing city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. They have come together and worked through conflicts in so many ways.




Vote for Tri-Guinea! We are a tropical paradise where residents live in one of 3 pristine spaces in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea–100 feet above the bay (Turtle Zone), underwater among coral reefs (Aquazone) or inside renovated mining caves under the jungle (Bunker City...




Our team deserves to win this award for a variety of reasons. We put in approximately 115 hours outside of school, and dedicated much of our class time to future cities. We combined our strengths and interests to make our city both waste-free and an exciting place to...



New England

Our team wanted to save Venice, Italy from disappearing under rising sea levels. We floated much of the city on hexagonal platforms. We also created separate tourist and residential neighborhoods to address the challenges Venice faces from large infiltrations of...


Wiltshire Team


It's probably not a newsflash that women are still largely outnumbered by their male counterparts in STEM. The Future City Competition has given our Wiltshire Team the opportunity to focus on career paths, team work, collaboration, classwork, city planning,...