Future City Competition
People’s Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2020-2021 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on May 5th.

Learn more about Future City and how you can get involved at FutureCity.org.

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New Jersey

Our team of 3 created a tabletop model showing an underground lava tube with residential, commercial, and light industrial zones and a heavy industrial zone on the lunar surface. We created 125 exquisitely detailed buildings (Scale: 1” = 50’). The Hypersonic...


Jaye Khoob

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)

Jaye Khoob’s residents enjoy socializing in the enclosed Tereshkova Concourse, overlooking Shackleton Crater and providing a view of the galaxy. Its two layers of regolith glass are coated in transparent aluminum to reflect radiation and contain a gel that stabilizes...



North Dakota

Together we have put in over 100 hours of practice outside of school to complete our city. Our team found many ways to use recycled material and make our city look futuristic. Our team went above and beyond the requirements and created three moving parts.


Luna Oppidum

New York (City)

In Luna Oppidum, everyone is accepted for who they are! Enjoy a variety of vegan dishes, such as tofu burgers! Discover our latest technology, like hydroponic labs, rovers, and commercial rockets! Our schools equip our citizens with skills they will need in adulthood....


Luna Station Vulcan

Texas (North)

We believe manned space exploration + moon colonization benefits life on earth, inspiring kids to pursue space engineering careers. We address problems from health + safety, to space exploration, and express creativity in our city design. We use advanced/futuristic...



Florida (South)

We, the students of St. Hugh, have come together and used all the resources given to us to create the first sustainable moon colony. Luna-Lumos flaunts a modern and innovative metropolis that has changed the field of vision regarding space as we know it. Through hard...


Lunar City

New England

Hi, This is Birchland Park Middle school. We think you should choose our team because we worked hard on our project and had a lot of fun. We met and worked together twice, sometimes four times a week, in order to finish this project. We all collaborated together as a...


Lunar Domum


Lunar Domum was created by four 7th grade girls, persevering through covid-19 and a derecho (inland hurricane). Domum’s unique infrastructure ranges from aquaponics, solar energy that uses globally transmissible microwaves, and space crafts carrying oxygen-derived...




Lunark is a culturally diverse, accessible, and hazard resilient city that floats above the moon’s Clavius Crater using an electromagnet system. While it levitates, it also rotates in order to provide additional gravity. Almost all the materials used to build Lunark...




Mahina creatively utilizes specific elements of the lunar environment and envisions what a future city could look like on the moon. We used resources and properties specific to the moon, such as lunar soil. It functions as a protective layer around the dome-shaped...


Mångata Subexo


Mångata Subexo uses innovative technologies and emphasizes equality and freedom of expression. Our citizens are well educated and have access to mental and physical healthcare. The city is sustainable and uses moon resources efficiently to maintain a healthy and happy...


Moon Base Gamma

California (Northern)

Moon-Base-Gamma is an awe-inspiring city to live in because of our efficiency and competence. Pristine infrastructure including advanced meteorites and moonquake protection, renewable energy sources, Hawking radiation, Quantum networking systems, and smart water...