Future City Competition
People's Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2021-2022 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on April 26th.

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Jiéjìng City


Our team should have the chance to win as we have all worked quite a bit upon this project, figuring out several new innovations while having fun and using teamwork. We all worked together in order to create an amazing future city both aesthetically and logically...



Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

Komodo provides all amenities to enjoy life in our city while emphasizing and designing advanced technology to improve Komodo and cities around the world. Our innovations are on the leading edge and push the use of engineering and the brilliant minds found in our...


Land of Tomorrow


Our team has created a fully renewable city that has many working aspects in our actual scaled-down model and we used many unique materials and went through many harsh revisions while using the engineering design process. We incorporated the LEDs into our housing, as...



New Mexico

We believe our team should win the 2022 People’s Choice Award because we designed our city with purpose. We came up with innovative solutions to real world problems. We toured the Earthship Biotecture Community in Taos, New Mexico to help support our research and...


Mexico City

Great Plains (Kansas + KC Metro)

The fifteen students on our team worked together to try to create a plausible and possible future for Mexico City where waste becomes a thing of the past. We incorporated the work of many types of engineers and scientists as we designed solutions to waste management,...



Mid-Atlantic (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia)

Our city focuses on building a futuristic city and improving the well being of its citizens by maintaining a naturalist environment which is enriched with the greatest technology and innovation. Since the elements of the city are very achievable in the near future, it...


Mount Vajra

South Carolina

Mt. Vajra is on the base of the Himalayas. Waste from the city is reused to make diamonds batteries that help power the city. This unique economy offers a wide variety of jobs and is a great destination for living and visiting. It has a rich history, culture, and...


New Coruscant

California (Northern)

New Coruscant should win because it provides renewable energy and technology to combat climate change and comfort for the residents. We made sure to implement specific technologies for our zero-waste goal, including revolutionary wastewater systems, a groundbreaking...


NewTree Evergreen


NewTree Evergreen is an innovative and futuristic city that models a Waste Free city. We created incentive programs to encourage our residents to recycle. Recycling centers collect waste, transport waste through chutes to below ground industries that reuse, refurbish,...


Nulla Vastum


Nulla Vastum is a city that learned from a linear past to rise like a phoenix into a circular future. Advanced plastic digesters, sulfur and silicone processing allow our city to move forward in a waste-free lifestyle. We leverage our natural resources and protect our...


Oceanus City

China (Guangdong Province)

We came from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, we have built a city that not only stands tall because of Chinese culture, but also of the cultural vitality that is merged with every bit of work in it. What's more important is that we've tested our limits...




Refusionstad is the most innovative city in this year’s competition. The infrastructure and circular economy are superior solutions to current world problems. Refusionstad’s technologies are both practical and futuristic. We created a wonderful project despite being...