Future City Competition
People's Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2021-2022 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on April 26th.

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Alovera has incorporated advanced technologies to support the transition into a waste-free city, one of these being the process of taking oils from avocados and making bioplastic. We also delved into many possible energy sources: hydroelectricity, solar power, and...




Location, Location, Location... Located by Waterfall Bluffs, Ashlarkyliot has stunning views, but it also has unique problems (asbestos and mosquitoes). Our engineers designed ways to turn asbestos into glass, organic waste into synthetic wood, and trash into...



North Dakota

Our team took on many obstacles while completing the challenge of creating a waste-free city. We worked with our community members, advisor, and each other to construct our city. We thought of new and innovative ideas that have yet to be created such as our...



New York (Albany)

Cyclosparta is the re-engineered waste-free version of Seattle, WA. Mycelium fungus technology is used for everything from containers to furniture. Non Biodegradable waste becomes construction substrates through slag production. Hydrophobic multidimensional...




We imagined Detroit in 2122 because it is a real place with real people and real problems; since Detroit is also close to Rochester, where we are from, it also matters to our community. In the past, Detroit had a linear economy based on the automotive industry. The...


El Cusco Perdido


Our team's model uses innovative and recycled materials as well as materials we built ourselves. We chose a different scale for each segment to better show-off the features of each region/zone. Our model also incorporates ideas from our city (Minneapolis) and...


Electrica Urbe

Florida (South)

Electrica Urbe is the only city that follows the principles of a circular economy while reducing the preexisting waste polluting the planet. Everything down to the name of the city was chosen to highlight the diverse and inclusive community, as everyone who worked on...


Greater Papyrus


The Wood Dale Jr. High Future City Team believes that winning the “People’s Choice Award” would be an incredible acknowledgment of all the effort, time, and sacrifice dedicated to this project over 6 months of a pandemic school year. The result is a testament to what...


Greendale City


Greendale city was created to mend a world broken by neglecting the environment. We make products like eco blocks, wooden floorboards, and smart fabric from ocean waste. Our city thrives with reduced congestion, waste elimination, lower costs, and higher economic...


Greenland City

California (Southern)

In the absence of official backing from their schools, these students came together, formed a team and participated in the competition. Their achievement will hopefully serve as inspiration for future students in their schools. They overcame several challenges along...


Guayana City

Texas (Houston)

Our team should be recognized for their efforts, teamwork, and creativity. There were a lot of unexpected challenges in the classroom this year, but the students came together better than ever before and produced a project of which they could all be proud! They know...




Team Ihlanzekile should win the People’s Choice Award because we provide a safe and accessible city of the future for all. Ihlanzekile designs out waste and pollution to keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. The city provides residents...