Future City Competition
People’s Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2020-2021 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on May 5th.

Learn more about Future City and how you can get involved at FutureCity.org.

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Luna Oppidum

New York (City)

In Luna Oppidum, everyone is accepted for who they are! Enjoy a variety of vegan dishes, such as tofu burgers! Discover our latest technology, like hydroponic labs, rovers, and commercial rockets! Our schools equip our citizens with skills they will need in adulthood....



New York (Western)

Polaris should win the People's Choice Award because above everything else, a city is only a good city if the citizens are healthy and happy. Polaris is a place where people of all backgrounds, sexualities, genders, and cultures can all come together and be citizens...


Spartemis City

New York (Albany)

Spartemis City, in the Amundsen crater at the lunar south pole, is a mecca for interstellar travelers. While refueling, tour the 4 interconnected domes on ELLA bikes (ELectric Lithium Air) or within inverse gondolas. Embrace the celestial conditions through Spaceball...