Future City Competition
People’s Choice Award

Future City has wrapped up our 2020-2021 season. We’ll be registering teams for next year starting on May 5th.

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Alpha Zenith


Alpha Zenith is one of the safest and happiest lunar cities. Our unique HAIRS system and specialized moon glass protect our city by creating an impenetrable shield protecting us from the dangers of lunar living. Our citizens enjoy life. From catching a game of...




While designing Altaluna we addressed all the moon’s hazards and kept it safe using IOC and geodesic domes. We have many fun attractions that keep our citizens entertained. Covid has made this year challenging. We had to minimize our on-campus meetings and work...


Altera Domi


Why should you vote for Altera Domi? We were creative and innovative with the use of our recyclable materials, ranging from diabetic supplies to cherry tomato containers. Our unique model design includes a drawer on wheels to display our underground Maglev, which is...



New Mexico

VOTE TEAM CALLISTO! Future City on the moon, 100 years today Be careful where you walk cuz 1/6g don’t play Our water is mined from deep within, the Poles are cold but where’s the wind? No atmosphere or mag field, no food in sight Engineers had to place things oh so...




Copernicus is clearly a pinnacle of innovation; shielded from radiation with a highly advanced magnetosphere to hydroponic farms to synthesizers of special compounds, we've expanded our boundaries. We've created a city that allows citizens to live on the Moon safely...




The city of Crateris should receive the people's choice award because of all the new concepts and technologies we used in our project. Crateris has something for anyone who comes to live or visit, young or old. Highlights of our city include Greenways, Recreational...


Crystallite City


Vote Crystallite Team Nigeria.  Because our beautifully designed city is focused and dedicated to  products and processes that contribute in solving global sustainably challenges. Our city is unique, well planned, technologically innovative. An age friendly...



South Carolina

Eagleton is an underground city, named for the Apollo 11 lander. Eagleton is known for regolith mining and He-3 production for a clean nuclear fusion reactor, it is an innovative city located strategically under Mt. Epsilon peak on the South Pole. All of the...


Eclipse’s Edge

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. We created the future in Eclipse's Edge, a city uniquely sited in the North pole, at the base of the Peary Crater. With a forward thinking population breaching new frontiers in all...


Eggshell City

China (Shenzhen)

First, we have created a fantastic video introducing a sport-theme eggshell moon-city, which is both lively and safe. Then, we believe that everyone would like to come to live in our city because of the heathy and mysterious lifestyle here. Also, we ensure the...


Gateway Station Armstrong (GSA)


Welcome to GSA: Springboard for travel to Mars & beyond! GSA started as an outpost on the rim of the Shackleton crater to support spacecraft refueling at the Collins Station located at Lagrange Point L1. Today, in 2125, the thriving lunar city includes an...


Gravity Falls

Canada (PEI)

Gravity falls is inclusive to all as we have systems in place for people with disabilities, and we provide financial support to new residents. You should vote for our team because we have innovative solutions such as our artificial water cycle. We have advanced...